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The Galaxy fixtures are sleek and elegant LED light fixtures that are incredibly versatile with pendant, recessed, and surface mountings. These fixtures are available in a variety of angle diameters from 17.8” to 47.3” and a straight edge length range of 35.4″ to 94.5″.   Galaxy offers a wide range of finish color options. Mix and match these fixtures to create an architectural focal point of your project.


Angle Diameter – ranging from 17.8” to 47.3”
Height – 3.15” (pendant and recessed)
Height – 3.15” (surface mount)
Aluminum body construction
Multiple color finishes to choose from
90 CRI
100-120 Lumens per watt
120-277 volt
0-10v dimming
Integral Driver (Std.) and Integral EM (Optional)
Pendant, Surface and Recessed mounting
Pendant length – XX” (adjustable)


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