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Emergency Driver


Lighting Elements LED emergency drivers are UL Listed for factory or field installation, unrivaled emergency solutions for LED product with external driver. It allows the same LED luminaire to be used for normal and emergency operation and works in conjunction with an AC LED driver that convert new or existing LED fixtures into emergency lighting. It adopt a long-life recyclable Lithium battery, and are backed by a 5-Year Warranty. It is available in a variety of wattage, providing solutions for 8 and 25 watt applications.


When AC power fails, Lighting Elements EM series emergency LED driver immediately switches to the emergency mode, operating for a minimum of 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the emergency driver automatically returns to the charging mode.

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More secure, more rigorous than the standard requirements.

  • Initial Self-test after installation
    It will perform a functional test in 3 seconds after the driver
    installed to check the wiring and battery output when work. The indicator LED will be off or flicker in case of a failure or an error.
  • Second Self-Test In 120 Minutes
    It will perform second test in 120 minutes to check again. Upgrade in Gen 3: Repeat 4 times in every 120 minutes if fail in the second test.
  • Monthly Self-Test
    It will automatically perform a test every 30 days with a duration of 3 seconds, in which the wiring and battery output are checked. In case of a failure or an error, the indicator LED will be off or flicker.
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