The Concord Linear Acoustic System brings perfect integration of lighting and acoustic control. Available in individual segments or part of long continuous runs, the Concord can be lit on either the direct or indirect side or both for dual illumination. Completely wrapped in acoustic PET felt at 9mm thick, and available in heights of 8″, 12″, or 16″ to match the scale of the project, the Concord Linear Acoustic System maximizes surface area to absorb sound waves and improve harmony in the installed space. Mix lit and unlit fixtures for a striking design aesthetic.


Designed for the Environment: Felt is made from over 50% recycled PET.
Low VOC + Safe to Handle: Is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
Improved Sound Absorption
Improved Pinability
Lightweight, Easy to Handle + Install
Consult factory for NRC and acoustic test results


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